Suggested Books To Read During Your General Surgery Residency (Read More)
Bailey & Love's Surgery, 27th Edition Surgery Essence by Pritesh Singh (PGMEE) Sabiston's Textbook of Surgery
Farquharson's Textbook of Operative General Surgery, 10th Edition Surgery Sixer for NBE by Rajamahendran Surgery PreTest Self-Assessment and Review, Thirteenth Edition
Here is one of my recent presentation on Microsurgical anatomy of Medial Temporal Lobe, hope you find it informative.



  • Temporal Lobe is unique as neocortex, paleocortex and archicortex coexist  
  • This makes it preferred site for certain tumors and epilepsy
  • Most common target for resections to treat convulsive disorders 


Three-layered archicortex (allocortex)
  • hippocampus 
  • semilunar gyrus of the uncus
  • prepiriform area
Six-layered paleocortex (mesocortex)
  • parahippocampal gyrus

Six-layered neocortex (isocortex)
  • Superior temporal gyrus
  • Middle temporal gyrus
  • Inferior temporal gyrus
  • Transverse temporal  gyri 
  • Fusiform gyrus.

Boundaries of Temporal Lobe

  • Located below sylvian fissure
  • Anterior and inferior limits are natural bone structures
  • posteriorly separated from the occipital lobe by the lateral parietotemporal line  
  • separated from the parietal lobe by the occipitotemporal line

Surfaces of Temporal Lobe
4 Surfaces
  • Lateral 
  • Superior  (aka Temporal Operculum)
  • Inferior
  • Medial

Relationship of the temporal lobe with bony structures

  • Sylvian fissure - Squamosal suture 
  • Temporal pole - Greater wing of the sphenoid bone. 
  • Lateral surface - Squamous part of the temporal bone
  • Basal surface - sits on the floor of the middle fossa

Lateral Surface of Temporal Lobe

Three gyri: 
  • Superior
  • Middle
  • Inferior

Separated by two parallel sulci: 
  • Superior sulcus
  • Inferior Sulcus

Superior Surface  of Temporal Lobe

It presents three morphologically distinct parts 
  • Planum polare 
  • Heschl’s gyrus- contains the primary auditory cortex (Brodmann area 41)
  • Planum temporale

Basal Surface of Temporal Lobe

The basal surface is composed laterally to medially

  • part of the inferior temporal gyrus
  • occipitotemporal sulcus
  • fusiform gyrus
  • collateral sulcus
  • parahippocampal gyrus 

Medial Surface of Temporal Lobe

  • Hippocampus 
  • Uncus
  • Parahippocampal gyrus
  • Fimbria
  • Dentate gyrus
  • Amygdala 


  • Club-shaped structure divided into three parts: head, body, and tail.
  • Curved shape which resembles a shape of a seahorse 
  • Appears ‘ S’ shaped on coronal section
  • Consists of two interlocking C shaped gray matter structures
                  – Hippocampus proper
                  – Dentate gyrus
  • CA stands for cornu ammonis, from its ram's horn shape 
  • Gray matter of the hippocampus is an extension of the subiculum
Parahippocampal Gyrus

  • Occupies transitional area between the basal and the mesial surfaces of the temporal lobe
  • grey matter cortical region surrounding the hippocampus 
  • part of the limbic system 
  • role in memory encoding and retrieval.
  • Components of the Parahippocampal gyrus
               -Subiculum: medial round edge of the parahippocampal gyrus. 
               -Entorhinal area 

Uncus: Clinical Significance
  • Seizures preceded by hallucinations of disagreeable odours originate here
  • ICP-  uncal herniation -> III nerve compression -> ipsilateral fixed, dilated pupil and an eye with a characteristic "down and out" gaze

Temporal or principal amygdala: located in the temporal lobe
Extratemporal or extended amygdala: located in the primordial floor of the lateral ventricle


Temporal amygdala -located within anterior segment of uncus 
Superiorly- blends into the globus pallidus without any clear demarcation 
Inferiorly- bulges inferiorly from the most anterior portion of the roof of the temporal horn

Arteries encountered in Medial Temporal Lobe surgical interventions

  • Middle Cerebral Artery 
  • Posterior Cerebral Artery 
  • Anterior Choroidal Artery 
  • Internal Carotid Artery 

Middle Cerebral Artery and Medial Temporal Lobe

Posterior Cerebral Artery and Medial Temporal Lobe

  • Main role of supplying the Medial Temporal Region and the inferior surface of the temporal lobe. 
  • 4 segments: P1, P2, P3, and P4 

Anterior Choroidal Artery 
  • Arises from the posterior wall of the ICA 
  • Supplies the anterior MTR 
Internal Carotid Artery 

Branches of the ICA supplying the MTR
  • present in 45% of hemispheres. 
  • If present, these arteries always arose from choroidal segment of the ICA 
Venous Drainage of Medial Temporal Region
  • Superficial group 
  • Deep group 
Superficial group: Venous Drainage of Medial Temporal Region

Deep Group: Venous Drainage of Medial Temporal Region

Drainage of anterior MTR (2 variants)
  • posterior peduncular segment via the anterior basal anastomotic vein 
  • cavernous sinus or into the sphenoparietal sinus via a large preuncal vein 

Drainage of middle MTR 
  • amygdalar vein drains to basal vein
  • anterior longitudinal hippocampal vein drains to basal vein

Drainage of posterior MTR
  • posterior longitudinal hippocampal vein
  • medial temporal vein
  • lateral and medial atrial veins. 
  • all drain to mesencephalic segment of the basal vein 

Surgical techniques for temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE)

Non Selective

  • Anterior temporal lobectomy (ATL)


  • Transcortical selective amygdalohippocampectomy (TCAH):
  • Transsylvian selective amygdalohippocampectomy (TSAH): 

Anterior Temporal Lobectomy

  • Two-step resection of
                 -anterior temporal neocortex
                 -anterior hippocampus and lateral amygdala
  • 4 cm of anterior neocortex removed

Transcortical selective amygdalohippocampectomy (TCAH)

  • access is obtained through middle temporal gyrus
  • selective amygdalohippocampectomy
  • lateral temporal neocortex is not resected

Transsylvian selective amygdalohippocampectomy (TSAH)

  • Less distance to reach to the temporal horn
  • Need for the retraction of the sylvian lips 
  • Presence of vascular structures 
  • Damage to the lenticulostriate artery or MCA branches - > Ischemic injury - > causes surgical morbidity
  • Finding the temporal horn is difficult, because a blind dissection in the white matter

Landmarks to achieve a safe resection in Medial Temporal Lobe Surgery

Collateral eminence (at floor of temporal horn): Neural tissue lateral to the collateral eminence can be removed safely without any risk of damaging midbrain structures 

Tentorial edge: Resection is aimed lateral to the free edge of the tentorium, the damage to the inferior limiting sulcus, the sylvian fissure, and midbrain structures will be avoided 

Choroidal fissure: Never extend the resection superior to the choroidal fissure

Avoiding Optic Radiation in Temporal Lobe Surgery

Optic radiations lies
  • roof of the temporal horn 
  • cover its lateral wall except its anterior part 
  • At the level of the atrium -> cover only lateral wall
  • medial wall of the atrium -> free from the optic radiation
  • Exceed the anterior wall by a few millimeters -> Meyer Loop
  • 5mm +/- 3.9mm
  • Optic radiation courses in the superior aspect of the temporal horn
  • Transcortical transtemporal approach-> lateral wall is opened 
  • Transcortical approach is less likely to threaten the optic radiation
Memory Deficit in Temporal Lobe Surgery

Neocortical removal can also lead to negative neurocognitive sequelae 
Two structures having memory function  have important role 
  • Uncinate fasciculus (UF)
  • Inferior Longitudinal fasciculus  (IOFF )
Download this presentation: "Microsurgical Anatomy of Medial Temporal Lobe

Based on recent Indian Resident Doctors Salary/Stipend Survey 2018 conducted by World Surgery Forum, below are the Resident Doctor Stipend/ Salaries in Rajasthan based on our survey.

You can also contribute anonymous information about your hospital at this link to help others by clicking here


InstituteSpecialtyCourse/ Residency/ Job ProfileStipend in Rs.Review
Sardar Patel Medical College, BikanerMS General SurgeryMS/MD41000Stipend is very low
Sardar Patel Medical College, BikanerMD PathologyMS/MD52000
Sardar Patel Medical College, BikanerMS ObgMS/MD49000Good
Sardar Patel Medical College, BikanerMD PathologyMS/MD49,350
Sardar Patel Medical College, BikanerMS SurgeryMS/MD52000
Sardar Patel Medical College, BikanerMedicineMS/MD49000Its not upto the mark.
Sardar Patel Medical College, BikanerRadiotherapyMS/MD54600Very good

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Good evening, sir! Your blogs on World Surgery Forum are very inspiring. I'm presently pursuing my 4th year MBBS in West Bengal. After my internship, I dream to study MRCS in UK on Orthopaedics. If you can help me with my few questions, I shall be highly obliged to you. Thank you!

First of all, there is no such thing as MRCS in Orthopedics. MRCS exam is a common requirement for entry into formal surgical specialty training in UK.

Trauma and orthopaedic surgery pathway

All UK medical undergraduates have to complete the 2-year foundation programme before applying to specialty training. They then receive a national training number (NTN). All doctors entering postgraduate specialty training must have completed 24 months of experience since gaining their primary medical qualification, whether in the UK or in another country, and must provide evidence of completion of foundation programme competencies.

Entry into training posts is through online application and subsequent competitive interview. Posts are advertised in the BMJ, usually in early November for posts starting the following August.

On completion of training, trainees receive a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) or equivalent and are entered on to the GMC’s Specialist Register, which allows them to work as a consultant in the NHS.

Following are various types of appointments in the NHS:

Fixed-term specialist training appointments (FTSTAs)

FTSTAs are locum appointments for the equivalent of ST1 and ST2 jobs. They provide the equivalent training but don’t carry an NTN. These jobs general last for 6 months or a maximum of 1 year. If you’re subsequently successful in getting an NTN, the training acquired in the FTSTA can be accredited towards the total time for training, after agreement with your deanery.

Locum appointment for training (LAT) posts

LAT posts are usually at ST3 level or above and normally require candidates to have passed the Part 1 MRCS exam. These jobs generally last for 6–12 months, don’t carry an NTN but do provide training that can be accredited towards your CCT if you gain an NTN at a later date.

Clinical Fellows/trust grades

Many hospitals have middle-grade registrar jobs, but these aren’t officially training jobs and aren’t officially recognised or reviewed by the deaneries. These jobs can be used for clinical experience, but if you wished to use these as part of a non-UK training programme you would need approval from your own training authority. These jobs are advertised in the BMJ.

Clinical attachments

It’s still possible to come to the UK as a visitor without GMC registration if you can get a clinical attachment. These usually last 2–6 weeks and are usually unpaid. You will probably have to pay for your accommodation and for any checks of health status etc. if accepted, you would be there as an observer only and wouldn’t be allowed to treat any patients. You need to make arrangements directly with the hospital where you will be doing the attachment.

Sir, is it realistic to plan for MRCS just after completing my MBBS?

You can clear MRCS Part A easily after MBBS, but clinical questions asked in PART B require some orientation of day to day general surgery practice. You can get that in 1 year as a JR in a surgery department.

Actually after completing MBBS, I want to do my pg in Orthopaedics from UK...can you kindly tell me where and how can I get in there?

For UK you ll have to pass MRCS Part A, Part B and IELTS. Register for GMC and then apply for Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery specialty training.

You will need to be registered with the GMC before going to work in the UK.

Would it be better to take the PLAB route and then complete my speciality training there after passing MRCS...what's your opinion, sir?

If you want to become a Ortho consultant in the UK, you will have to go through Specialty Training, for which you would need MRCS. So even after passing PLAB, you will have to take MRCS at a later point. However, if you pass MRCS first, you do not have to take the PLAB exam. You ll save a lot of hard work.

Okay sir! But passing MRCS just after MBBS wouldn't be easy...I think PLAB would be easier

If you go with PLAB, you will have to do core training  in UK for 2years + MRCS (will require time and preparation and may require more than one attempt)

If you finish your MBBS, give MRCS part A, 1 year surgery JR ship, pass PART B - I think you can save 1 year.


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Keywords: MRCS, MRCS A, MRCS Eligibility, MRCS Exam, MRCS Part A, MRCS Part B, MRCS Preparation, Pastest MRCS
Hi sir,  I am from KMC, Chennai. We had a chat on FB.  I just joined surgery department at Thoothukudi Medical College today. I need your guidance regarding studies sir.

Congratulations on your selection. Let me know your queries..will try to answer them..

Thanks sir😇I followed all your advices on World Surgery Forum website.  I want to know what books to buy and study for 1st year of my general surgery residency.

In first year try to do atleast Sabiston for the concepts.Along with it use any one operative surgery textbook for reference. That's all you would require from clinical practice point of view

Is Farquharson's  alright?

  • Yeah it is good book for operative surgery. Most people use it as reference for operative surgery. For MCQs you could use Pritesh Singh or Rajamahendran.

Questions regarding MRCS for an MBBS candidate

Dear Dr. Sandeep,

I was going through your posts on MRCS. I am an MBBS doctor and planning to take MRCS. As you said that after completing the exams successfully we need to get registered by GMC after taking IELTS exam. Is there any issue in getting GMC registration for an MBBS candidate as compared to MBBS, MS candidate (I am not able to understand the difference if there is any difference in the process for MBBS and MBBS, MS for registration?).

After completing all the parts of MRCS exam when will they give General Surgery Diploma .. is it after training or on completion of the test?

What is the minimum duration of training for successfully complete MRCS?

Once a person gets registered by GMC he/she is eligible to apply in any of the training centers in UK or can the training be done in India?

One we are good to go can we practice general surgery in India when in my case I am MBBS and I will do MRCS (when I continue to work with the senior surgeon in India)?

Kindly Guide!

Dear Dr _____,

Below are the answers to your questions:

I am not able to understand the difference if there is any difference in the process for MBBS and MBBS, MS for registration for MRCS?

There is no difference in the process of registration as the proof which needs to be sent for MRCS Part A exam registration is just a Certified copy of basic medical degree certificate.
After completing all the parts of MRCS exam when will they give General Surgery Diploma .. is it after training or on completion of the test?

MRCS is just a membership which is given once you have cleared both Part A and Part B exams. Though you can use MRCS in your post nominal (eg Dr ABCD MBBS, MS, MRCS), it is not like a conventional diploma or degree. It just indicates that your basic surgical knowledge is good enough to join further surgical training in the UK. In India, we have entrance exams like NEET PG for this, which are a stepping stone for surgical training.

Once you have MRCS, then you can apply for GMC registration. Once you have GMC registration, you are eligible to apply for Non Training posts (Medical Officer) or Training posts for Specialty surgical training (General surgery is considered to be a specialty surgical training).

What is the minimum duration of training for successfully completing MRCS?

MRCS is just a set of 2 exams and they do not require you to produce any proof of surgical training. But practical things which are asked in MRCS Part B exam, can only be possibly answered if you have at least some experience in General surgery, even as a JR.

Once a person gets registered by GMC he/she is eligible to apply in any of the training centers in UK or can the training be done in India?

You are confused I guess. MRCS is given to get a surgical training/ non training post in UK. It is like USMLE which you give to get training/ non training seats in the US except that MRCS is specific for surgical streams.

One we are good to go can we practice general surgery in India when in my case I am MBBS and I will do MRCS (when I continue to work with the senior surgeon in India)

Once you have MRCS, you are just a member of royal college of surgeons and not a fellow, you are not a qualified surgeon. To be a qualified surgeon, you should qualify both steps of MRCS, get a surgical training post in the UK, give exit exam FRCS (General Surgery, Urology, Neurosurgery etc) and only then you will be a qualified surgeon in a particular specialty. So with just a MRCS post MBBS, you will not be allowed to practice surgery in India.

Hope I answered all your questions.

All the best!

Case History

A 32 year old female came with multiple lumps in her right breast which have been there from past 7 years and are increasing in size and number. Initially she was advised conservative management and observation. But the lesions were growing in size and she had started having occasional pain. So she decided to go for surgical removal.

Multiple fibroadenomas with smooth and circumscribed borders.

Discussion: What is the best incision if multiple fibroadenomas have been identified?

Having multiple fibroadenomas in a single breast is a rare occurrence.

There are various available incision approaches like: 
  • Periareolar
  • Inframammary
  • Radial
  • Curvilinear. 
Each of these having their advantages and disadvantages. Utilising the mobility of the fibroadenomas, allows them to be excised through a single cosmetic circumareolar incision in each breast. Periareolar incision is not suitable when the diameter of the tumor is >5 cm or when the distance between the tumor and the areola is >3–4 cm, since the surgery would cause significant damage to the lactiferous ducts (Zhao XY).

Traditional surgical incision often chooses radial incision or curvilinear incision on the surface of the tumor. It is very favorable for the exposure and resection of the tumor, and the treatment effect is also good, but the postoperative scar is obvious and affects the cosmesis.


Zhao XY. Application value of areola incision at the edge of the benign breast tumor resection. Zhongguo Shiyong Yiyao. 2010;5:57–58

Whatsapp Discussion on FNB (Minimal Access Surgery) - 2018
Whatsapp Discussion on FNB (Minimal Access Surgery) - 2018 

[4:33 PM, 3/5/2018] +91 98*******: Two of my junior SRs in DDU with Rank 44 andRank 110 left FNB( Minimal Access Surgery) last year after taking admission. One of senior SR rank 25 did not appear for FNB counselling. So in my view FNB stands false national board.

[4:33 PM, 3/5/2018] +91 989*******: What was the reason for leaving the course

[5:39 PM, 3/5/2018] +91 901*******: I think, the people who don’t have exposure to lap chole and appendix and haven’t done, will find fnb good, but for the senior members who have already done these in their professional life and are expecting more advanced laparoscopy will be disappointed.
I have discusses with people, and they told me that the Delhi and mumbai centres will give u exposure to advanced laparoscopy, if someone is expecting a good hands on in advanced laparoscopy with this fnb course at these centres is likely to be disappointed.

[5:52 PM, 3/5/2018] +91 903*******: Advances lap exposure is there in hinduja and max?

[5:52 PM, 3/5/2018] +91 852*******: Most accurate assessment tilll now

[12:54 PM, 3/6/2018] +91 945*******: Anybody have any idea about last year FNB (MAS) allotment till what rank ?
Kindly comment

[1:47 PM, 3/6/2018] +91 94*******: Thanks a lot😊

[9:54 PM, 3/6/2018] +91 996*******: Any news abt counselling dates

[10:18 PM, 3/6/2018] +91 987*******: Nope

[3:45 AM, 3/7/2018] +91 798*******: What's the stipend for FET??

[9:21 AM, 3/7/2018] +91 987*******: Around 40 k to 45 k in South
1 lac at delhi

[11:05 AM, 3/7/2018] +91 989*******: 1 lac with 24 hr file work only

[11:08 AM, 3/7/2018] +91 987*******: I have worked at gangaram  so i know that's not all true

[11:09 AM, 3/7/2018] +91 901*******: What is ur review about ganga ram?

[11:11 AM, 3/7/2018] +91 987*******: Yes there is kinda residency work but they give not much of  hands on. I know that it's mainly for fresher pass out people otherwise who is already doing the basic laparoscopy surgery then it is not for them

[11:14 AM, 3/7/2018] +91 901*******: I think residency work is everywhere, no one can bypass that....
The trends in the last few years have been delhi as an option for toppers,
So there must be something in delhi, that’s why I m asking.

[11:14 AM, 3/7/2018] +91 987*******: Yea there are other perks too for North indian that's definitely there apart from any degree

[11:16 AM, 3/7/2018] +91 987*******: Working at gangaram  has a benefit of making links and yeah they absorb you in the team if you want to  work as an consultant after

[11:26 AM, 3/7/2018] +91 987*******: True that's the main reason why not to go for Superspecialty course.  I think  fnb  has to be the option for those only who have no zeal  or confidence to even qualify in mch course after  they have tried hard

[11:29 AM, 3/7/2018] +91 903*******: Any benifit in salary in corporates?

[11:52 AM, 3/7/2018] +91 901*******: Surely, the salary is around a lakh or slightly more in all corporates...especially north India.
In all the less familiar places, the salary is around 35-42K

[12:14 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 903*******: I mean for example in Gujarat general surgeon get 90k... After fnb can they have more salary?

[12:14 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 903*******: Any idea?

[12:16 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 901*******: Ohhh...
No clue about that.

[12:20 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 903*******: Ohkeyyy

[12:21 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 90*******: Delhi and near by mae SR ko b at least 95-1 mil ra hai

There are new medical colleges, which are giving 1.25-1.3 to surgery SR, due to recent MCI inspection issues.

[12:28 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 903*******: All these are temporary things

[12:28 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 903*******: In order to have a long innings in corporates.... How much these 2 yrs of investment is helpful that must b evaluated

[12:29 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 903*******: I love all procedures of general surgery... Keeping general surgery as your career in mind... Does this course teach us lap hernia, lap gastric bypass

[12:29 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 903*******: Etc...

[12:31 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 989*******: In corporate only work matter. How much clinical skills u have. Degree do not matter

[12:32 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 756*******: These corporate Hospitals won't give that much of hands on , it's just a kind of observership.

[12:33 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 987*******: True.

[12:33 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 989*******: I totally agree with u

[12:34 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 756*******: So if one is considering of getting laparoscopic hands on training , it's not a good option. Yes if one wants to be a general surgeon , then inspite of being an SR better join FNB

[12:34 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 987*******: True

[12:35 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 901*******: I think if u r looking for a long stay at corporates, then fnb at Apollo n fortis kind n max ganga ram are the best, as if u have done fnb there, gradually u will have an good option to become a part of their team and then u grow further.
Ask later on u will be recognised with a better name and fame, as these people have got very good connections.

[12:35 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 756*******: Plus if one is worried about salaries and all. We all are surgeons , we will earn good money🙂 it's just about being patient and sticking to one thing

[12:36 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 903*******: ☺

[12:36 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 756*******: Eventually money will come , surgeries b karne milengi

[12:38 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 756*******: In my college I have seen and done enough of basic laparoscopy . The ones who haven't had this much experience will definitely find interesting

[12:40 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 903*******: Ohkeyyy

[12:51 PM, 3/7/2018] +91 810*******: I agree with this.. even i am working in medical college.but they ll not allow to touch to scope...they expect certificate....

[8:18 AM, 3/9/2018] +91 810*******: If u choose the seat this year...then if u left means...u have to pay fee?

[8:18 AM, 3/9/2018] +91 810*******: Can u do like that...?

[8:18 AM, 3/9/2018] +91 810*******: Opting out is there in this?

[11:09 AM, 3/9/2018] +91 901*******: No clue

[11:13 AM, 3/9/2018] +91 810*******: If any one know please share

[11:30 AM, 3/9/2018] +91 989*******: If u leave after opting a seat... U can't give fnb for 2 year

[11:49 AM, 3/9/2018] +91 993*******: Only FNB exam or any of national board exam

[12:00 PM, 3/9/2018] +91 989*******: I think fnb only

[3:30 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 989*******: Ps... who all are attending the councelling ?

[3:45 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 852*******: I am✋🏻

[4:08 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: I think I may

[4:08 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: What's your rank

[4:10 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 852*******: My rank is 49...and yours???

[4:10 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Same

[4:10 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Lols

[4:10 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 852*******: Ohh...

[4:10 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 852*******: 49*

[4:10 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Don't you have dnbss

[4:11 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Yup

[4:11 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 852*******: No....and you u have a rank in dnb ss

[4:11 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Yeah

[4:11 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: That's why

[4:11 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: I may not come to Fnb

[4:12 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Well how many people attending this fnb counselling  this year anyways any idea

[4:24 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 989*******: So u took in dnb

[7:04 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 989*******: What were your marks at rank 49 ?

[7:04 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 989*******: And what was your rank in dnb ss ?

[7:48 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: 64

[8:08 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: 853

[8:08 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: And urs

[8:14 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 901*******: I am

[8:19 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 961*******: What can one expect at rank 65 in fmas

[8:52 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: First of all are u in for fnb?
Then what do you think you want ?
What do you think you will get

[8:53 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: I can just give an idea which I have that's it.
Then you can take whatever you like

[8:54 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 961*******: Wanted Delhi..but no way at this rank one can get Delhi

[8:54 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 961*******: So what are the other good options ?

[8:55 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 961*******: Where one can get good hands on

[8:56 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Yea definitely

[8:57 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Jaipur.  Madurai
Galaxy = Gem

[8:57 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Others are all more or less okay okay

[8:58 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Mumbai and Bangalore comes at last in hands on which on have heard

[8:59 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 852*******: Jaipur Santokhba durlabhji hospital??
Is it a new seat this year?

[8:59 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: There is 1

[9:00 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 961*******: Is there any chance of getting Galaxy/gems

[9:00 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 961*******: What is a good rank for gems /Galaxy ?

[9:00 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Until your rank u will get Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad according to last year counselling assumption

[9:01 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 961*******: Exactly

[9:01 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: For gem  as there is increase in seat so I am just guessing up to 50

[9:01 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 961*******: Mumbai Bangalore are not good options in terms of hands on

[9:01 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Not at all

[9:02 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: One of my junior is there, he is regreting this

[9:05 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Others do post your ranks please

[9:15 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 900*******: At Bangalore u get good hands on.

[10:13 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 989*******: Didnt give...fnb mein 59 and rank 111

[10:32 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 702*******: Is FNB recognised by MCI ??

[10:36 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 890*******: No

[10:37 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 890*******: No advantage in medical college..

[10:38 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 989*******: If u go to additional qualification list on mci website.... Fnb is mentioned....

[10:57 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 901*******: Which centre are u planning to take?

[11:15 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 989*******: Gem most probably....

[11:15 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 901*******: Ok!!

[11:16 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 989*******: And u

[11:16 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 901*******: My rank is way far than urs, I cannot have a choice, depends what all are left on that day.

[11:18 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 989*******: Does anyone have any idea what s the procedure if a person is unable to attend counseling and want to send someone else on his behalf

[11:19 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: What's your rank

[11:22 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 890*******: At 97 rank any possibility of getting ?

[11:23 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Bangalore

[11:23 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 901*******: No clue, I will suggest, don’t take such risk.

[11:24 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Yes there is in the notice of dnb too so there it's written that with authorised letter one can send the other person

[11:24 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 987*******: Read it on site

[11:30 PM, 3/21/2018] +91 989*******: No need to take any prior permission

[3:19 PM, 3/24/2018] +91 852*******: Any notification regarding FNB Rank letter, handbook and seat matrix

[3:21 PM, 3/24/2018] +91 890*******: Any charges for attending counselling

[9:26 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 996*******: Any idea from where to opt out for fnb counselling first round..

[9:28 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 890*******: Any draft to be made?

[9:29 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 942*******: Opt out option there on nbe site

[9:29 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 942*******: Left upper side

[9:30 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 942*******: U have to pay online some  amount and opt-out.....

[10:02 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 852*******: In the counselling...we can pay the counselling fee through Debit card also??

[10:05 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 942*******: Yes

[10:06 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 758*******: So is there no need to bring DD

[10:08 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 852*******: Any idea about Galaxy Pune?? Good academics and exposure..but i'm not sure about hands on.

[10:09 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 942*******: Exposure is good
Mainly onco....

[10:10 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 942*******: Someone told me they giv endoscopic thyroid....gynac malignancy etc

[10:10 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 942*******: But less no. Of routine appendix gall bladder cases....

[11:06 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 996*******: In that only dnb cet SS fnb option in the scrol down menu

[11:09 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 942*******: I think it comes 1 or 2 days before counselling

[11:09 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 942*******: Or on the day

[11:09 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 942*******: M not sure

[11:12 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: It will start on the day of counseling

[11:39 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: So if you don't get anything on the day of counselling and you want to attend second counselling do we need to make double payment ??

[11:39 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: No

[11:39 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: With just single payment we r eligible for second counselling ?

[11:41 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: On the day of 2nd counseling u have to pay

[11:41 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: Another 2500

[11:50 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: Ok

[11:51 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 852*******: What proof we need to carry regarding recognized status of MS degree?

[11:52 AM, 4/2/2018] +91 852*******: MCI page showing the name of college?
Or a letter from college confirming the same

[12:02 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: Not required

[12:03 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: If your ms seat was a provisional seat when you took it then u need to take a proof that is recognized now

[12:04 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: They didn't ask me for any such certificate during dnb counseling

[12:13 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 852*******: Hmm....but they have listed it in the document list

[12:14 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 852*******: Ok thanks

[12:14 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: Then a print out from mci site

[12:15 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 852*******: I just talked to them...they said take a print of MCI page showing the name of college

[12:16 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: 👍🏻

[12:16 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: Anyone any idea about jaipur fnb

[12:17 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 901*******: I think its good.

[12:19 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: Salary cutting exposure?

[12:19 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 901*******: I had talked to Gangaram fnb guy....very very good work he is getting there...approx 10-15 surgeries per fnb guy every month.

[12:19 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 901*******: No clue of that

[12:20 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: Madurai ??

[12:23 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 901*******: I think its so so, but bit of food issues n 2-3 dnb gastro candidates over your head, I think every year 2 dnb or least 1 candidates come there.

[12:24 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 901*******: You didn’t take in dnb, um sure u would b having a good rank there too!!

[12:24 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: That issue will be in GEM too as 2dnb candidate comes every year

[12:25 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: 499....didn't get what I wanted

[12:25 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: But gem is good for fnb rather than dnb

[12:26 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 901*******: Gem has 4 fnb candidates, but work is very very properly divided their...Like every one gets equal work exposure to advanced lap is best at gem!!

[12:26 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: Yes

[12:26 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: They hv increased the seat to 4 this time

[12:36 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: What is the total number of seats

[12:37 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 852*******: 29

[12:37 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 901*******: 😮

[12:37 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: 3 seat increased this time

[12:37 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: N till what rank can we expect the counselling to go

[12:37 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 901*******: Artemis Gurgaon has come this time!!!

[12:38 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: How is the work there

[12:38 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 989*******: Hard to predict.... New entry hai

[12:39 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: Ganga Ram and Gem chodkar kahin bhi hands on nahi hai.. Ganga Ram mein bhi hands on mein sirf chole and appendix milta hai.. thoda bahut IPOM and TEP

[12:40 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: Artemis seat is not showing online

[12:41 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 901*******: Gangaram mae na basic lap fnb candidate bahut acche se karega,
Par waha advanced lap nai hota hai...
I have talked to a resident there

[12:59 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 98*******: Rajeev... Please throw some light on this

[1:16 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: Ganga Ram mein general ward mein jo admit hue woh FNB ka.. that means only lap chole/ lap appendix/ TEP/ IPOM

[1:16 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: Bariatric mein sleeve ke alava kuch nahi hota hai

[1:17 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: Similarly Max mein bhi Bariatric ke Naam par sirf Sleeve karte hain

[1:19 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: Basically if you are willing to work as a JR for the next two years take it up.. otherwise cool rehkar skill develop karo.. slow n steady.. advance lap seekh hi jaaoge..

[1:20 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: FNB will only give you edge in medical college

[1:20 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: Corporates want only skill

[1:21 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: Most places are given FNB seats just because they don't get permanent SRs and SRs are not available round the clock

[1:22 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: FNB candidate day n night available for 2 yrs

[1:22 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: N at the end of two years

[1:22 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 9891*******: Frankly speaking... Nothing stands in front of gem

[1:22 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: You ll still do Lap chole /appendix/ hernia

[1:22 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: Sleeve

[1:22 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: Bas

[1:22 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: Aur kuch nahi

[1:22 PM, 4/2/2018] +91 702*******: True

[5:24 PM, 4/3/2018] +91 890*******: FNB counselling venue

[5:25 PM, 4/3/2018] +91 890*******: N documents needed?

[5:28 PM, 4/3/2018] +91 890*******: ????

[5:30 PM, 4/3/2018] +91 852*******: NBE Office...sector 9 dwarka

[5:30 PM, 4/3/2018] +91 890*******: N documents needed

[5:30 PM, 4/3/2018] +91 890*******: ?

[10:45 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 901*******: New seats again added yesterday in the matrix!!

[11:08 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 890*******: Where it's given....not finding

[11:09 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 961*******: Any thing else to be take other than the documents? Any D/d etc ?

[11:10 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 901*******: Yes, d/d of 2500

[11:10 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 961*******: In the name of ?

[11:10 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 901*******: Or u can pay by card there directly

[11:12 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 961*******: Is that sure that we can pay by card directly ?

[11:13 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 901*******: Its written in there,

[11:13 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 961*******: Actually they r saying something about opt out facilities?

[11:13 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 901*******: N people at dnb councelling had similar orders,n they were able to pay by card there.

[11:13 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 961*******: Ok

[11:14 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 901*******: I will suggest if u r coming to counselling, take a d/d, u can be sure then.

[11:15 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 961*******: Ok

[11:15 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 961*******: Thank you

[11:23 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 890*******: Card option was there in dnb ss definitely it will be there in dnb too

[11:23 AM, 4/4/2018] +91 890*******: Fnb

[3:44 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 890*******: Mentioned in rank letter also that credit and debit card accetable

[3:54 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 979*******: Any chance of Delhi at rank 30

[3:55 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 890*******: Full chance hai

[3:55 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 979*******: Max

[3:58 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 890*******: Don't know but rank is very gud ...Delhi ke toh chance hai

[4:03 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 989*******: Mamc, blkapoor

[4:03 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 989*******: Artemis gurgaon

[4:33 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 987*******: It's yet not recognised

[4:33 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 987*******: It's provisional

[4:33 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 989*******: Yes

[4:36 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 852*******: Is there anything like recognised/permitted in FNB also??

[4:37 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 989*******: Yes

[4:37 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 852*******: It may be may not be there in actual counselling.

[4:46 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 901*******: Can we expect surprises at the counselling venue with respect to the fnb centres?

[4:48 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 987*******: Last year similarly ils kolkata seat got cancelled in 2nd counselling and the guy has to change

[4:54 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 901*******: 😶

[5:07 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 989*******: 1 2 3 rank वाले कौन hai bhai.. Koi jaanta है unhe

[5:09 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 989*******: 1,  2,3 rank wala will not come.

[5:09 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 999*******: Why

[5:10 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 989*******: I have three year experience of FNB counseling.

[5:10 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 999*******: Okks

[5:55 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 702*******: Rank 1

[5:55 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 702*******: Opting for Gem

[5:56 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 999*******: Rank 2 not opting

[5:56 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 702*******: 3 ?

[7:40 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 858*******: Can they ask DMC certificate in original

[7:40 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 858*******: I mean DMC send certificate through email woh toh print out hi hoga

[7:50 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 989*******: That will do

[7:57 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 901*******: I just wanna ask,

In a very rare case, if someone messes up with any document and forgets that, do they give the liberty of submit that document later on?

[8:46 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 989*******: They might give u a seat provisionally without allotment letter.... Once u show them the missing document... They will give u the allotment letter

[10:56 PM, 4/4/2018] +91 901*******: Ohkkkk!!!

[9:27 PM, 4/5/2018] +91 996*******: At what rank was the last seat taken today..

[7:07 AM, 4/6/2018] +91 989*******: 198

[8:50 AM, 4/6/2018] +91 996*******: Any idea wat seats were available at 130 arnd

[8:52 AM, 4/6/2018] +91 989*******: So many candidates opt out. At 130 6 seat were available.

[8:56 AM, 4/6/2018] +91 993*******: Which college seat at 198 ???

[9:25 AM, 4/6/2018] +91 989*******: Global hospital Hyderabad.

[10:51 AM, 4/6/2018] +91 996*******: Can u pls recollect wat centers were they..? Thank you

[10:52 AM, 4/6/2018] +91 901*******: Does anyone have contact of FNB candidate working presently at LNJP??

[10:55 AM, 4/6/2018] +91 890*******: 99 rank I was offered telegena and chattisgarh

[11:12 AM, 4/6/2018] +91 901*******: I had taken idea about Raipur, and its good, though new
seat. Good number and variety of surgeries.

[11:20 AM, 4/6/2018] +91 989*******: Last year the Candidate joined the LNGP finally left.

[11:21 AM, 4/6/2018] +91 901*******: Why😐😐😐

[11:22 AM, 4/6/2018] +91 901*******: Please throw some light on it

[12:09 PM, 4/6/2018] +91 756*******: It's a good course for those who don't want to do MCh , haven't had exposure of basic laparoscopy during MS. Instead of being SR in a medical college , it's better to go for FNB.

[12:57 PM, 4/6/2018] +91 987*******: For lnjp it's true

[8:58 PM, 4/6/2018] +91 989*******: Group members can we close this group as the counseling is over..... If anyone wants to continue I will make him or her the admin