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Retzius and Bogros Space

Retzius Space
Retzius Space
      What is Retzius Space?
  • Also called Retropubic space, Prevesical space or cave of Retzius
  • It is an extraperitoneal space located posterior to the pubic symphysis and anterior to the urinary bladder
  • It is separated from the anterior abdominal wall by the transversalis fascia and extends to the level of the umbilicus
What is Bogros Space?
  • Also calle retroinguinal space or Bogros' space
  • It is an extraperitoneal space situated deep to the inguinal ligament
  • It's limited by the fascia transversalis anteriorly, the peritoneum posteriorly and the iliac fascia laterally 
  • This preperitoneal space communicates with prevesical space of Retzius. 
  • It is divided into two compartments. 
  • The medial compartment contains vasculature including the femoral artery and vein. 
  • The lateral compartment allows for passage of the illiopsoas (primary hip flexor), allowing attachment to the femur, along with the femoral nerve.
These both form the site of surgery in Total extraperitoneal repair of inguinal hernia.
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