Top Books To Study Clinical Surgery

Usually the most difficult thing for a medical student apart from studying is finding the best book which gives you maximum exposure in the most concise way. At World Surgery Forum we will be reviewing and listing the best books to study to help graduates and post graduates get the best understanding of various aspects of surgery. Here I am listing down the best books to study Clinical Surgery. Please give your comments and reviews about the books you like the most in the comment section below. 

Here are the top books to study clinical surgery:  


  1) Clinical Surgery Pearls by Dayananda Babu

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  • Exam-oriented clinical book for undergraduates and postgraduates in question-answer format.
  • Unique presentation and style, retaining the student-oriented approach.
  • Each case starts with a case capsule, followed by checklist for history and physical examination along with diagnostic points.
  • Commonly asked examination questions are given in cases for reviewing the relevant anatomy, physiology, investigations, differential diagnosis, updated staging and evidence-based management.
  • Questions for postgraduates are marked as PG.
  • Chapters contain key points at the end “FOR PG’s- WHAT IS NEW?” to keep abreast with latest advances.

 2) A Manual On Clinical Surgery by Das S

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  • Clinical surgery by S Das needs no introduction. Undoubtedly it is one of the best standard book in clinical surgery. Most helpful for undergraduate and post graduates as well. 
  • Simple language and easy to catch examples.  

 3) Bedside Clinics in Surgery by Makhan Lal Saha

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Amazon UK and US: https://amzn.to/30bOqaX

  • Special emphasis is given for elicitation of different physical signs.
  • All surgical problems -emergency and non-emergency are discussed including important X-ray plates.
  • Operating section includes all the steps of important operations.
  • Surgical anatomy section discussed exclusive hand drawn illustrations and tried to correlate the anatomy portion with short and long cases.
  • All the short and long cases are discussed with lots of color photographs and schematic diagrams.

   4) Srb's Clinical Methods in Surgery by Bhat. M. Sriram

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Amazon UK and US: https://amzn.to/3mTgE45

Srb's Clinical Methods in Surgery by Bhat. M. Sriram
Srb's Clinical Methods in Surgery by Bhat. M. Sriram

  • A very good book for final year MBBS students. You won't need to collaborate points from other books to complete your notes. Everything possible for an undergraduate is given in one place! Very easy to read, learn and best for clinical postings.
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5) Long Cases in General Surgery by Rajamahendran 

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Amazon UK and US: https://amzn.to/368ALVZ
  • Primarily intended for MBBS students 
  • Good for long cases

Hope you found all the information that you needed to make a decision on which book you want to read for clinical surgery. Do share your thoughts about the best book to read for clinical surgery with other readers of World Surgery Forum.