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Mechanism of Metastasis from Ca Breast to Batson's Plexus and Liver

Metastasis from Ca Breast

How does metastatic lesion from Ca Breast reach vertebrae?

  • The malignant cells from the breast reaches vertebrae via the intercostal veins.
  • The intercostal vein will join the vertebral plexus of the veins. This is also called Batson’s plexus of veins. 
  • The peculiarity of this plexus is that there are no valves and therefore the malignant cells can freely reach all the vertebrae from the base of the skull to the sacrum.

How does a metastatic lesion from Ca Breast reach the liver ?

  • The liver is involved in 2 ways. 
  • The most important route is bloodstream spread. 
  • The liver also can be involved by lymphatic route. 
  • The lymphatics from the lower inner quadrant of the breast traverse the plexus in the rectus sheath and reach the subperitoneal plexus. From their along the falciform ligament it will reach the liver. 


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