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MRCS Part B (RCSEd) OSCE Stations - Chennai Dec 2016

Anatomy stations

  • Anatomy Spotter- Rotator Cuff muscles and attachment, Gluteus muscle function and attachment
  • Hand Anatomy Spotters - Arteries, Nerves, Carpal Bones (Spotter), Carpal Tunnel with contents, Flexor retinalculum attachments, Hand Muscles and Actions, Hand muscle nerve supply, Hand Sensory distribution
  • Skull Anatomy spotter - Skull foramina, skull bones, pterion, Epidural hematoma, Brain herniation

Pathology stations

  • Pathology Station- MEN II syndrome and associated conditions. Pheochromocytoma Investigations

Applied science and critical care stations

  • Case scenario - Patient with #Femur with minimal blood loss developing respiratory symptoms with H/O Fluid overload 
  • Hypercalcaemia: Symptoms, Signs and Management. Calcium homeostasis and involved hormones. Vit D synthesis.
  • Pseudomembranous collitis with colonoscopy picture pseudomembrane formation in large bowel and related questions

Procedural skill stations

  • Foley's Catheterization and questions regarding if no urine aspirated after catheter was inserted
  • Suturing demonstration under aseptic precautions

History taking stations

  • Bleeding PR - History Taking . Followed by questions-  DD, Investigations
  • Knee Joint Pain - History taking

Physical examination stations

  • CVS Examination - Patient with Pacemaker implant posted for elective surgery
  • Hydrocoele - Local examination
  • Thyroid - MNG Local Examination
  • Abdominal examination for RIF pain and related questions

Communication station (information giving or receiving to colleagues/patients/relatives)

  • Explaining the patient about OGDscopy regarding indication, precautions, preparation, procedure and complications before taking consent
  • Discharge Against Medical Advice - Patient with MRM done 2nd Post op day drain shows 500 cc of bloody discharge, Pt a k/c/o COPD, Heart disease. The daughter wants to get the patient discharged. You are the resident on duty. Discuss with the consultant over phone regarding this.

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