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Split Skin Grafting : Points to remember

What are the factors affecting successful uptake of a split skin graft?

  1. Hematoma/Seroma formation
  2. Infection (>10⁵ organism/1gm of tissue) 
  3. Shear Force (Insufficient mobilization)
  4. Poorly vascularized bed (Fibrosis, Radiotherapy, Exposed Bone, Cartilage, Tendon 
A successful split skin graft with 98% uptake done by us

What are the differences between a split thickness skin graft (SSG) and full thickness skin graft (FTSG)?

Split Skin
Epidermis + Any thickness of dermis
Epidermis with full thickness of dermis
Instrument required
Scalpel/ Scissor
Donor Areas
Thigh, Leg, Upper Arms, Forearms, Trunk, Buttocks, Scalp
Post Auricular Area, Clavicular, Groin, Flexor aspect of joints
Donor Area Healing
By epithelialization
By primary closure/ssg
Color change
Retains Color
Resistance to trauma
Poor tolerance
Better resistance
Hair Growth
No Growth
Growth after a long time