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A case of locally advanced Papillary Thyroid Cancer with Large Neck Nodes

  • 62 year old Man from a remote village had come with complaints of swellings in neck from past 1 year. The swellings were painless.
  • He had a history of hoarseness of voice, loss of appetite and significant loss of weight.
  • There was an irregular mass in the midline which moves on swallowing.
  • Multiple large fixed nodes were palpable (Left Side - Mid jugular, lower jugular large nodes and Right Side - Multiple small nodes, middle and lower jugular group)
  • On palpation of left side of neck, Berry's sign was positive (Berry’s sign is the absence of carotid pulsation on palpation) 
  • FNAC revealed Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma.

Left Side of Neck

Right Side of Neck