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Changes in Bailey and Love Surgery 27th Edition

bailey and love latest edition
(Bailey and Love latest edition- 27th edition)

Introduction: Bailey and Love's Surgery

The first edition of this revered textbook was published by Hamilton Bailey and McNeil Love in 1932. Since then this book has been used by generations of surgeons to get the required theoretical knowledge for general surgery. This book has been a holy grail for both MBBS and Post graduate students who want to master the basics of surgery. Its reputation for unambiguous advice makes it the first point of reference for students & practising surgeons worldwide. Each and every line of this book is to the point and is worth remembering. Because of these attributes it is also one of the favourite books for examiners who frame questions for various competitive and licensing exams like NEET PG, NEET SS, MRCS and FRCS.

Here is the link to the International Student's Edition of Bailey and Love - 27th Edition that you can buy at a discounted price in India.

The international  27th Edition of Bailey and Love comes in 2 volumes as against a single volume before.  So it's easier to handle while studying.

Now in its 27th edition, the content has been thoroughly revised and updated while retaining its traditional strengths. Following are the newly added chapters:

  • Tissue Engineering and Regeneration
  • Tropical Infestations
  • Human Factors and Quality Control
  • Molecular Diagnosis
  • Conflict Surgery
  • Parathyroid (As separate chapter now)
Bailey and Love Surgery 27th Edition
Amazon India Link: http://amzn.to/2nO8bC9

Apart from this there is has been significant changes in the content and new list of topics that have been added. Below is the change in total number of pages:

Total Pages in Bailey and Love 26th Edition: 1517

Total Pages in Bailey and Love 27th Edition: 1611

It is considered to be the Best book for surgery for MBBS. The 27th edition is less bulky and excludes some unimportant things (tables, epidemiological facts etc ) and is more colourful and attractive. Language is very easy to understand. If you are a surgery aspirant, this is the best book for surgery. Not at all like other famous bigger books with small font and endless literature which is not actionable and is low yield. But surgery steps are not given for most of surgeries, so you will have to refer to some operative surgery books for surgical steps.

Here is a Youtube video with the interview by the authors of Bailey and Love with there comments and updates about Bailey and Love 27th Edition.

Studying surgery with Bailey & Love: an overview for trainees, students & surgical consultants

Here is another video by Prof. P. Ronan O’Connell, one of the editors of Bailey and Love. In this video he gives his views regarding his future plans for Bailey and Love and what it takes to come up with a new edition.

Testimonial Videos of Bailey and Love Surgery textbook by readers

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