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Large Bladder Calculus removed by Open Suprapubic Cystolithotomy (Surgical Steps)

Large Bladder Calculus removed by Open cystolithotomy

Large Bladder Calculus removed by Open cystolithotomy

Cystolithotomy Surgical Steps

Preoperative Patient Preparation
  • Exclusion or treatment of a urinary tract infection
  • Perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis
  • Supine position with slight hyperextension of the lumbar spine
  • Disinfection and draping
  • Insert a transurethral catheter and fill the bladder with 200–300 ml

Surgical Technique
  • Lower midline incision or Pfannenstiel incision
  • Cut the linea alba
  • After blunt dissection of the retropubic space (cavum retzii), insert a wound retractor
  • Vertical cystostomy, which is secured with sutures to prevent further tearing
  • Remove bladder stones, foreign bodies or bladder tamponade, controll bleeding.
  • If necessary, perform simple prostatectomy
  • If needed, insert a suprapubic catheter
  • Close the bladder in two layers (mucosa – muscularis)
  • Drainage of retropubic space
  • Closure of the linea alba, skin closure

 Open Suprapubic Cystolithotomy Surgery Video



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