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What all to study in first year of surgical residency?

Hi sir,  I am from KMC, Chennai. We had a chat on FB.  I just joined surgery department at Thoothukudi Medical College today. I need your guidance regarding studies sir.

Congratulations on your selection. Let me know your queries..will try to answer them..

Thanks sir😇I followed all your advices on World Surgery Forum website.  I want to know what books to buy and study for 1st year of my general surgery residency.

In first year try to do atleast Sabiston for the concepts.Along with it use any one operative surgery textbook for reference. That's all you would require from clinical practice point of view

Is Farquharson's  alright?

  • Yeah it is good book for operative surgery. Most people use it as reference for operative surgery. For MCQs you could use Pritesh Singh or Rajamahendran.

Okay sir,  schwartz no need to study ?

No need...in Indian entrance exams they ask questions only from Bailey and Sabiston

Okay sir✌

Then in second year you can focus on super speciality of your choice

Thanks  sir,  if at all there is any other doubt, I will text you again 😇

Sure. All the best.


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