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Online MRCS Courses

There are various informal and online MRCS courses which are being run by various successful candidates which are easy on pocket and promise to provide all the reading material and guidance to the candidates who join. We will be posting useful links and courses which are usually not advertised  so that those preparing for MRCS can benefit. Please choose the courses carefully at your own discretion.

Course 1


Do you want to appear in

You do not need to study all these stuff

You do not need 6 months to pass

You do not to be free of your hospital lists or clinic days

You just need to have 3-5 hours a day with our course schedule
Within 3 and half months you will do it from the first trial

Our MRCS COURSE the 6th release
Will be out




The highest candidates scores

Pass MRCS Within 3 months


The course is fully conducted online and including :

• Full online emrcs
• Full online pastest
• Full materials from A to Z
• All lectures available permanently via zoom links
• Full Surgery Specialities iFile Lectures made for Paper 2 strengthening
• All Recalls finally and fully answered correctly
• Full guide from 20/12
till January exam day

The Course Fees include

• Online emrcs
• Online pastest
• Organised Daily Plan of Question Posting that force you into our day one to exam day - schedule

• Unlimited Zoom cloud access to all our lectures

• Full MRCS Part A Materials

• The Crash Courserevisiont that involves

1 - Daily Homework for our theory study from MRCSME Book

2 -iFiles - Strengthening your paper two weakness with our selected questions made in pdf files scenarios from highly yielding MRCS Books

3 - iMocks - the most repeated exam questions

4 - iRecalls - previous real solved exams
will be done Online On Zoom Cloud meetings including :

* January 2019
* September 2019
* April 2019
* January 2019
* September 2018
* April 2018
( surprise - scanned complete real exam)
* January 2018
* September 2017
* April 2017
* January 2017
* September 2016
* April 2016
* January 2016

Our Supreme Revision will raise your pass mark by 15% ;
You can check our January Candidates Scores

Answers to FAQs

You can join from now
You will be added to our Course group
You will have all drive materials
You need just 4 hours daily
Our new Course Features allow you to attend every day session once you are free. We start 5 pm GMT but we have above 250 Surgeons in our Course ; no one can collect five Surgeons in one place for 4 hours...therefore all Course live discussions and sessions are permanently available once you are free from your list, clinic our hospital.

Course starts in 20/12
And booking started from 1/11

Course 2

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We have successfully completed the MRCS Part A Jan'20 exam preparation With our exclusive brand new 7. edition study materials Our Most Popular Ensure Pass Course Group - April'2020 Part A Exam is running now.

Doctors joining in this group will be in an structured study plan to complete and revise all study modules by 2020 March, before Revision Tests and Final Mock Exams starts.

Enquiry of Course Groups, Enrolment Procedure, Sample Materials — April'2019 "Ensure Pass" Course Groups


Enquiry of Part B OSCE "Ensure Success Group" and Materials for 2020 sessions with the upcoming exam system changes !!!


MRCS Online Course by Nasa Khan (www.facebook.com/mrcsoc) Please Explore The Group More, By Visiting Our Face Book Page