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How much do Doctors in India earn?

Quora: How much do Doctors earn??
Ans by Rahat Monga

Not me, but my sister is a doctor.

Firstly I'll mention her earnings, then what she sacrified to become a doctor.

So, her earnings,

While she was doing her internship (2013–2014), the stipend she used to get was 15,000 INR.

Then, in 2015, she did a contract based job for 6 months and got some 70,000 INR.

And now, in her PG, MD( obstetrics and gynaecology) she's getting 88,000.

What all she sacrificed,

Ummm, not only her, but us, her family too. :)

Well we are a nuclear family of 5. Mom, Dad, Deedo (i love calling her this), Me, Brother. She was born in 1991, me in 1996 and bro came to us in 2001. So, a gap of 5-years in 2 of us lead us in 3 different stages of life always, till date, unless all of us are adults.

So, when i was in 6th standard and bro was in 1st, we had to bid goodbye to our didi to Chandigarh, 190 kms from our town, for her medical entrance exams coaching. You see, how little was he, 6.5 years old! And she was his favorite in house. He used to cry every evening missing her to be home. I used to sit beside her and chatter about my day for a long time and used to go to her taking every little problem, from personal to fights with bro to my homework and drawings, she would do it all. And now, i was the elder kid in home. That sucked. I barely used to talk to her on phone, as i just used to sit beside mom and listen to her conversation with Deedo, reason being, she had to study and i was an introvert. She used to visit us every 2.5 months only for 2 days, and used to cry everytime i bid her goodbye and take a promise from her that next time she would come soon. But no, to get something we have to lose. Papa Mumma missed her a lot, of course. Papa's favourite child. Okay, time passed, 2008, with God's grace, she got a great rank in All India Medical test exams for UG, she got MBBS in Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore. This time, 2024 kms away, but we were happy. Didi was going to be a Doctor. She used to visit us after every year for 15 days and we grew up almost without her. She graduated in March,2014, when i passed my 12th and bro was now in 7th standard. You see, he entered in teenage and me in adulthood, almost without her.

Then she started to prepare for her MD entrance exams but luck didn't favour her for the first attempts.

Decided to try again, second time and this time, she did a job for 6 months in Government hospital, 32 sector, Chandigarh to gain some experience, and to freshen up her mind from constant studying. This time,2015, she didn't get a rank of her choice so she decided to try again. Not an easy-peasy task, only medicos know this. Hats off to them!

2016, second attempt, again, she wanted to clear for AIIMS or PGI, Chandigarh or a good government college in All India exam. Her wish, though, was to in AIIMS.

But, 2017, not yet.

3 years of her constant struggle, hard work and we had to be away from her. Why? Because in these 3 years, even when she was in home, no one from us was allowed to go her room. But we were happy, at least she was with us.

I am a naughty kid at home (officially an adult but I'm a kid at home). I just used to open her room steadily, smile like an idiot, say Hi! And come back.

Thank God🙏🏻

2018, she got AIIMS, Delhi, her dream college and now she is in second year MD (obstetrics and gynaecology) working from 7 am in morning till 11 pm or sometimes even late till, 1 or 2 am. Holidays? Doctors don't get that. Okay, once per month. Since then 2018 , she has got home twice, once for one day and this time for 2-3 days. But, since Delhi, is an overnight journey, we get to go there sometimes.

Brother is now 18.5 Years old, I'm almost 24, Missing her since 11 years. We love her like anything.

Being doctor ain't easy. Almost every doctor's life is like that.

She used to be little arrogant and stubborn but since she has been doing and completed her MBBS, she's turned into such a humble person that I'm shocked.

I think, if soldiers protect us from border, doctors protect us in the border

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