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NEET PG Success Stories: Dr Abhinaya Jeyaraman

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Yes a proud mommy here with 3 words, "Ask, Believe, Receive" #Ennampolvaazhkai as my mother says❤️

Finally all the hardwork and sleepless nights paid off. It has taken me 18 exams to be able to post the result of this 19th exam! (Not ashamed as they were all my stepping stones)!

Yes it's AIR:1412, 836MARKS. May not be the best among all but sure will give me my dream branch (And that is what I feel life is all about❤️)

I was 4 months pregnant when I opted out of TN state counselling(on 20/5/2018-Day to remember) as i was not getting my dream branch and felt i didnt give my best in 1st attempt and would regret later if i compromise & settle without giving another try.

I'm a 2017 regular batch student at DAMS pondicherry, who started the preparation with lots of hope but ended up with an average rank because of self doubt close to exams.
I've believed that i can perform well this time despite delivery.

"How can you perform better during pregnancy?" asked ^those^ people & like what they said I've ended up with a rank of 13k in NEET 2019 (2nd attempt post pregnancy and delivery in October 2018)and again ^those^ ppl said "I told you did a blunder, you should have taken a seat among other branches u've got! how can you be so silly?". I kept quite and was sure in my mind that for now I should take care of my baby and should prepare the best possible way with whatver time i can manage to study. And also made sure not to repeat the mistakes which I've been doing in last 2 attempts. Only God knows those moments after I put my baby to sleep, I lied on my bed staring at the ceiling when tears kept flowing on its own.

I've prepared from both inlaw's and mom's home alternatively and we dint have a caretaker for my baby girl so I made sure i should balance both. I was targeting the central institute exams but to my shock it went miserable, (AIIMS:7K PGI:2K JIPMER:4K.) But reminded myself why I begun and gave a best shot for 3rd attempt NEET. Used marrow qbank and test series did around 300 modules (wish I did more)

In last 2 months :

1. Thoroughly did notes around 7times with subject test on marrow

2. Gave weekly marrow GTs on sundays and would split n revise the solution 50qns/day.
I've attempted 299 qns in NEET and felt pretty much of them were from notes. I would like to take a moment to thank all the teachers of dams for making concepts clear with their gold standard notes and also teachers of marrow (they were the only resources for my preparation and am forever indebted to both of them🙏), my respected professors from MGMCRI,Pondicherry and my family without whom am nothing but a trash.

My message to fellow aspirants:

1. If there is one person on this earth who believes that you are so capable of achieving anything, that must be YOU! Because according to me, BELIEF IS EVERYTHING!

2. Let your burning desire to win burn all the obstacles coming on your way.

3. There will always be ^those^ ppl in ur life who constantly degrade you that you are incapable. All you need to do is to "PROVE THEM WRONG".

4.After all you aren't gonna do this for yourself, put your family first! If you are first clear about your "why" everything else will fall into its place.

5. Special message to women, unlike guys, we will have this PG preparation phase along with personal life (either our family is searching for a groom on matrimony/married/pregnant/some may prepare with a baby- irony is I've experienced one for each attempt 😂😂)

Always remember if Postgraduation is 50% of our life, personal life will be 50% and certainly we are so capable of managing both in an extraordinary way!. I've attached my schedule, might be helpful for someone with a baby, but I myself was not able to follow it most of the time and studied lesser than this at times😅

P.S: I ve posted this originally on dams club and reposting this from my account as many of my friends asked me to do so. If this is helping one pure soul not to give up, not to be shattered by one single bad result, the purpose of this post is achieved! Good luck friends! God bless you all!



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