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NEET PG Success Stories: Dr Ashutosh Karn

By Dr Ashutosh Karn
February 2 at 8:55 pm
Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/neetpgsupport/permalink/4055020137845259/

Guys , don't feel low if you didn't get what you expected..
Just wanted to share a short story of mine after seeing many posts I can imagine myself I have been there too in same boat frustrated. But I just believed in myself and got my desired branch (orthopaedics at 19k rank), govt hospital Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee (Civil) Hospital, Lucknow. With good stipend 70k.., n free hands on surgery..good patient loads 350+ opd..

I was performing really well in May and had great ranks in JIMPER and PGI. Even I was getting some branches there, but my heart was with ortho. I can't imagine anything without.

But i was shattered after nov aiims, it was very difficult for me study.. December was horrible for me ..being locked in a room for 2 years no friends i stayed away from everybody for neet..
. But i took an oath that i will study till neet and i won't touch my preparation books after neet again..

I have given my best i can't screw my head anymore
I will live my life and enjoy it fullest..

But to worse result shocked me and i landed up at 19k which i never expected... And my dream for ortho was shatterd.. I was depressed.

. I joined metro hospital to escape.. Most guys working there resigned from job..
After results n i was in dilema too.. N was so frustrated.

But i stick to promise made to myself " result was not in my hands but happiness is ..n ab paise kmane h dba ke... I stopped giving damn about life..
Then parties.. N parties..

N i got job in lardy harding medical college..after i secured good rank in their entrance.. I was getting everything.. But i wanted to be a surgeon so my options were ortho if not then ophtha.. As no surgery as i don't wanted to study for 6 more years i don't want to spoil my youth n freedom.. So i can get an idea about ophtha in best institute of India n reliased m not for ophtha.. That's don't suits my tough personality...so i was clear abt not choosing ophtha.. Bcz for ortho i had idea but for ophtha u don't hv enough exposure in internship unless u work there...

So be aware in choosing branch. It's more complicated

N i was doing night in private hospital too with lhmc .. So i was earning really good... Which made me happy... ""

One of my friend who had better rank than me told me even he wanted orthopaedics too but won't get at this rank. So he started preparing for dnb june n didn't register for dnb counselling...
And advised me same ..not have false hope...

But dnb june cancelled n he was shattered.. N told me you were right at least you have job n u r happy.. So positiveness matters..

No body expected that i will get orthopedic at this rank.. I started following counselling very closely n having very close watch on wb n mh state counselling n i called many n convinced them to resign from dnb if they are already alloted in states.. N many did.. So miracle happened in dnb mop up..
N my parents are proud of being wrong (who asked me to compromise n settle with ophtha) n me right...

And i chose a government hospital in lucknow in mop up which was the newly added with good patient loads 350 + opd ..n free hands on surgery....

So have a close watch on newly added government hospitals ..

Just one advice neet is 400m race ..now you are done 300m ..still 100m (counselling) is left.. Dont look back if you are ahead (good rankers )..choose your desired branch instead of city ,hospitals,stipend as its just for 3 years..

. A girl got around 3000k rank n she waited
Till mop up and took dnb radio gangaram.. That s guts ... That you all need to have now

N average rankers like me.. For you just believe in yourself and go for dnb mop up ... N follow counsellings.. Be wise and have patience n u will get your branch...

U can defeat good rankers in this last 100m..if you play wise..just respect your rank...

.just chill n dont feel frustrated"

Now focuss on money,, job.. Paisa .. Khusi deti h.. Neet ka b gm bhula degi itni taakat hai isme.. 😂 jokes apart...

One more thing now there is bond everywhere except delhi in md ms.. So your post graduation is 4-6 years. In dnb there is no bond so even if u get a back yr pg is of 3.5 years n by 6 years you will have many fellowship or dm or mch... Which is must nowadays ..

Dnb u clear by your own guts.. So you are far better ..
So don't underestimate..

After all you will be called an orthopedics surgeon.. Physician or paediatrics .gynaecologist.. It doesn't matter MD MS or dnb or diploma.but it's all yours capability..

I have seen many diploma are better n earning more than ms md guys..

As many queries.. Dnb stipend is equivalent to MD ms.. Max in delhi (90-95k) then u. P 70k..

Note- once you are alloted seat anywhere neet, states or dnb round 123 you are ineligible for dnb mop up...
So choose wisely
- if you rank is less than 30k and its not your first drop ,settle this time as u ll get clinical branches .in mop up ..as i have seen many guys after drop their ranks are not improved.. U ll feel frustrated n yr speed will slow down. ..

Only if you are determined that u can study thoroughly then go for drop... Don't waste much time in preparation.. U ll be starting from zero once you get your branch....

N candidates with rank above 17k wait for mop up it will be jackpot for you all..
Min. Stipend is 35 k that's dnb last year guidelines..
- choose government hospitals for surgical branches..
No dnb seats in rml lucknow from this year as it is merged to medical college

For branch just ask yourself whether u want to be a surgeon or physician.. N choose accordingly..no branch is bad. U can make it better if you have interest.

All the best

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