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Proposed NEXT exam format

What is NEXT exam?

NEXT is a national level exit exam after MBBS that will standardize the quality of general medical professionals who graduate to clinical practice. It is also intended to serve as the national level PG entrance examination for MBBS graduates.

This concept is similar to examinations in other countries (like the USMLE in the United States),

What is the Proposed format for NEXT exam ?

Proposed Next exam format at today's meeting with MCI BoG & Niti Aayog.In short, the final details are:

1. NEXT will be 2 exams.

2. Both will definitely implemented for the Batch of 2017. Batch of 2016 should be prepared to give a Qualifying exam at the end of Internship to be allowed to practice.

3. There will be consideration of quashing of the Final 2 Year Profs, converting them to IA by College and instead conducting a NEXT 1 exam (in March)after course completion (in Jan).

Those who qualify (Cutoff decided by NMC), they will be allowed to start Internship. Otherwise you have to wait 1 year (as of now).

We have strongly put forward the necessity of a Supplementary Exam and it will be considered, now that plans for quashing an Essay Based Final 3rd and 4th Profs is being discussed.

So we can hope for a Supple.

We will have only 2 months after Course Completion and NEXT 1.

4. At the end of Internship, there will be NEXT 2 (after 1 month). It will test Clinical Skills and there will definitely be Another attempt.

5. Scores will be in percentile.

6. NEXT 1 will be conducted over 3 days. I will share the Details asap. (Details are still confidential and can't be divulged right now before ratification). It will be in an integrated fashion.

Suggestions to JIPMERites: Closely follow NEET pattern as the same pattern will be followed in NEXT. (The same people who made this year's NEET will be making the paper for NEXT).

Stop solving Previous year JIPMER papers and only concentrate on developing the Concepts. (See AIIMS papers to have an understanding of what I mean)

There will be no separate JIPMER or AIIMS exam. (As decided till now.)

Extended info

There will be Two Exams under NEXT

NEXT1 1st after 4.5yrs - Licencing

NEXT2 2nd after 5.5yrs - PG Selection

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